Post Market Order

Place a market order

This mutation has been deprecated. Use the postProMarketOrder mutation instead to place a market order.

A market order is an order to immediately buy or sell cryptocurrency at the best available current price.

Unlike limit orders, you do not specify a price when you place a market order. When you place a market order, it is matched with an existing limit order with the best buy or sell price at the time of the request.

When to place a market order

Place market orders when you want your order to execute as soon as possible, regardless of the price.

Placing a market order

To post a market order call the postMarketOrder mutation, and specify the order side (buy or sell), coin amount, and the cryptocurrency you want to trade.

The orderSide parameter indicates the type of limit order to engage, whether a buy limit order or a sell limit order.

When you want to sell cryptocurrency, orderSide should be buy so that your order is matched with a buy limit order. To buy cryptocurrency, orderSide should be sell.

postMarketOrder(orderSide: buy, coinAmount: 0.01, cryptocurrency: bitcoin){


  • orderSide: The order side either buy or sell

  • coinAmount: Amount of coins to trade

  • cryptocurrency: Type of cryptocurrency. default: bitcoin


  • id: Unique identifier of the order

  • coinAmount: Amount of coins to trade

  • pricePerCoin: The price per coin in Naira

  • side: The order side (buy or sell)

  • status: The status of the order

  • createdAt: The timestamp when the order was created

  • *staticPrice: null

  • *priceType: null

  • *dynamicExchangeRate: null

*postOrder always returns null for staticPrice, price_type, and dynamic_exchange_rate fields.