Get Orders

Retrieve all your orders

This query has been deprecated. Use the getProOrders query instead to retrieve your orderbook-placed orders.

You can retrieve a list of orders you have placed by calling the getOrders query.

Specify whether to fetch open or completed orders using the status parameter.

Open and completed orders

An open order is one that has not been engaged in a trade. A completed order has been engaged and the payment processed.

query {
getOrders(status: open) {
orders {
edges {
node {

The get orders query returns two root fields: dynamicPriceExpiry and orders.

Dynamic prices are updated periodically in line with the fluctuations in the general prices of cryptocurrencies. dynamicPriceExpiry gives the timestamp when all dynamic prices will next be updated to the reflect the latest cryptocurrency prices.

For more details about dynamic price and how they are fetched and calculated, please refer to the Static and dynamic prices section on the Post Limit Order page.


  • status: The status of orders to fetch, either open or completed.


  • dynamicPriceExpiry: The timestamp of the dynamic price update

  • orders: A graphql connection returning a list of orders

Order response fields:

  • id: Unique identifier of the order

  • cryptocurrency: Type of cryptocurrency

  • coinAmount: Amount of coins to trade

  • pricePerCoin: The price per coin in Naira

  • side: The order side (buy or sell)

  • status: The status of the order

  • createdAt: The timestamp when the order was created

  • staticPrice: The static price in Naira

  • priceType: The price type either static or dynamic

  • dynamicExchangeRate: The dynamic exchange rate in Naira